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Here are the most recent additions to the collection.  If you are a return visitor, this will be where the items rediscovered or newly identified can be found.  In a month or so, these will be moved into the main record by region and date.  There are more items gathered and provided by interested people to be scanned and included, so check back often.   Links are provided for a quick connection to the relevant time period.   

1:  As Christmas 2019 passes us by - let us recall the first appearance of electric street lighting in American cities which dazzled shoppers and carolers at the beginning of the electric era.  In 1878 the Wanamaker's department store in Philadelphia had installed six Brush generators and over 40 arc lights - which were switched on on Christmas Day to the delight of the public.  Here is a recent article - https://hiddencityphila.org/2012/06/from-a-corner-of-center-city-the-source-of-light/ which describes the spectacular event.  One feature of the Wannamaker store was their large organ where daily recitals were presented.  The same organ still plays today - you can hear it in the UTube link just below.

1878 Wanamaker Store.JPG

2:  In March 2000, FKI the new parent company of Brush responding to a significant uptick in large 2 pole generator orders for gas & steam turbine drive acquired the Holec Machinery Apparatus company in The Netherlands.  FKI created their Rotating Machines Division which included their existing Laurence Scott and Marelli motors & generators.  RMD group products also included rolling roads and a wide range of electric motor and generator products and their controls. 


Brush industrial motor manfacture had been transferred to FKI company Laurence Scott & Electromotors in Norwich, UK. Both Brush - Loughborough and HMA - Ridderkerk began to concentrate their production on the DAX design of 2-pole generators to meet the increasing market demand.  

3:  In January 1995 hosted by President of the UK's Board of Trade Sir Michael Heseltine, the Brush Group were prominent members of a UK Department of Trade & Industry Mission to Japan.


Then Managing Director Bill Petrie was interviewed regarding recent contracts secured from the region and expectations for many opportunities in the future.  At the time of the mission Brush representatives based in Singapore were visiting Japan regularly.  New contract awards were secured which supported opening a full time agency in Tokyo.

Large motors, frequency changers (for dockyard use), oil production platform electrical systems as well as large generators for turbine drive were supplied during the following years.


1995 Jan - Brush Trade mission to Japan.jpg

4:  There's a lot of wind energy out there - if only we can capture it!  One of the first electrical generating windmills was running in 1880, designed and built by Charles Brush, set up in the back yard of his Cleveland home.  This video shows the same illustrations you can find on the front cover from the 1890 Scientific American magazine.   You can also check out the Brush Windmill page here.

Brush windmill 1880

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