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EU Documents 1901 - 1920

1906 London bus
1905 Brush Falcon Works

From the "Turbines from Finspang" history book published by Siemens in 2013, see the image below.  In 1913 Brush were licensed by Swedish company Svenska Turbinfabriks AB Ljungstrom (STAL) company to build the Ljungstorm designed steam turbines in Loughborough for central power  station production. This photo shows the original Ljungstrom order book for the first three orders for turbines, all for Brush projects - two of which were for Willesden Power Station in London. These led the way for Brush to supply many cities across the UK with their first electric power systems.  Soon, every major town had its own power station.


Loughborough got its own power station in 1914 and one of the Brush built original Ljungstrom turbines is preserved at the Leicester Museum of Technology at Abbey Road Pumping Station.

STAL joined with ASEA, then Asea Brown Boveri and eventually became part of the worldwide Siemens Electric Power group.

1922 Birchhills Power Station - site where first 5000KW turbine generator installed
1915 - Longhorn aircraft on The Meadows

Loughborough power station (from the air) - and one of its LJungstrom steam turbines - now on display at a local museum. 

Ljungstom ST at Abbey Pump Museum_edited
1920 5MW Turbine Generator set
1950 BTH Rugby was the American GE affiliate - note the similarity to the current GE logo
1905 Hydro turbine generator set
1907 Falcon-Victoria football team.  How many of these young men served or died in WW!?
WW1 Memorial plaque2 - Loughborough.jpg

Football was a big part of the area's "working men's" recreation.  Most if not all of the 1906 Falcon team would have been Brush employees.


Many Brush workers served in the British military during World War One "To end all Wars!" as it was said at the time.  A memorial to the fallen is honored each November 11th a plaque with the names of those killed. 


26 Feb 1917 Loughborough WW1 lads called to service, wait for train to basic training
1902 British War Department Automobile
1908 Kidderminster & Stourport electric Tramway generators

This a photo of Loughborough area men who were called up (conscripted and volunteers) waiting to catch the train to basic training camp.  The Brush factory is behind the railway station. 

Military transport made by Brush during World War 1. 

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