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1950 BTH Rugby was the American GE affiliate - note the similarity to the current GE logo
1905 Hydro turbine generator set
1907 Falcon-Victoria football team.  How many of these young men served or died in WW!?
WW1 Memorial plaque2 - Loughborough.jpg

Football was a big part of the area's "working men's" recreation.  Most of the 1906 Falcon team would have been Brush employees.


Many Brush workers served in the British military during World War One "To end all Wars!" as it was said at the time.  A memorial to the fallen is honored each November 11th a plaque with the names of those killed.  Here is a photo of Loughborough area men who were called up (conscripted and volunteers) waiting to catch the train to basic training camp.  Brush factory in the background (right side). 

26 Feb 1917 Loughborough WW1 lads called to service, wait for train to basic training
1902 British War Department Automobile
1908 Kidderminster & Stourport electric Tramway generators
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