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America 1981 - 2010

Starting with the local employment of a single individual in the United States in 1982 a new chapter was about to be written in the story of Brush in America.  Brush technical sales and engineering staff had previously been travelling from England to seek new business in America.  First based in California then moving to Houston attached to the US branch of the Hawker Siddeley Power Engineering company, active sales representation of electric motor and generator products produced new sales for the UK company.

Additional sales staff and service personnel were recruited and the Brush Houston office grew, producing revenue which became over half of the Brush annual Sales.  


In 1986 Brush Electrical Machines Inc. was formed as the official USA sales Agent for the Brush UK business, and at that time included representation to customers and end users through manufacturer's agents, with technical proposal support and Parts/Services specialists based in Houston.


When in 1996 FKI plc purchased the Brush parent companies, the Americas operations expanded to include the Brush Transformer and Switchgear products also the FKI - Laurence Scott high voltage motors and FKI - Marelli Motori small generator products made in Italy.  Along with the other international FKI Group offices, Brush Houston was renamed FKI Energy Technology Inc.


When the Brush parent company became part of Melrose plc in 2006 - the Brush Americas business name was changed to Brush Turbogenerators Inc.

1996 article on Brush delivery to California

1987  Power Generation exhibit booth

As of 2010, over 1200 Brush generators have been delivered into North America.

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