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Here are the most recent additions to the collection.  If you are a return visitor, this will be where the items rediscovered or newly identified can be found.  In a month or so, these will be moved into the main record by region and date.  There are more items gathered and provided by interested people to be scanned and included, so check back often.  Links are provided (TOP Menu) for a quick connection to the relevant time period.  

1:  At the beginning of c

2:  From the "Turbines from Finspang" history book published in 2013, a

Brush-Ljungstom ST at Abbey Pump Museum
Loughborough Power Station - 1947

3:  There's a lot of wind energy out there - if only we can capture it !  One of the first electrical generating windmills was running in 1880, designed and built by Charles Brush, set up in the back yard of his Cleveland home.  This video shows the same illustrations you can find on the front cover from the 1890 Scientific American magazine.   You can also check out the Brush Windmill page here.

Brush windmill 1880
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