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America 1901 - 1920

By this time Charles Brush was reflecting on the early success of his inventions and the efforts that were made to ensure quality and profitable manufacture.  He had become an iconic captain of industry, but continued to work in his home labaratory and in co-operation with other new industries.  One of these was with his son (also Charles Francis Brush) to form the Brush Materials company which became Brush-Wellman, mining, refining and producing beryllium  (an exotic metal) which played a critical role in the early computer industry and the Manhattan Project.

The Brush Electric brand name continued in local lighting companies across America providing generation and lighting services to communities across the nation.  

Did you know the "Miss America " Beauty Pageant was started in Galveston Texas in 1920 as a promotion to encourage tourist traffic to the Texas Gulf Coast, which was still rebuilding after the 1900 hurricane.  Another highlight of the city's attractions was the "Largest in the United States" electrical display sign provided by the local Brush Electric Lighting Co. which contained more than 3000 lamps.  Below are press cuttings from the Galveston city lighting, and reports about the mammoth sign. 

1922 Pulchritude contestants on parade
1920 Charles Brush with Arc lamp

1920 photograph of CFB in his Cleveland mansion basement laboratory. Alongside early Arc Light device from 1880.

1913 - Galveston JOVIAN luncheon Club formed in Galveston

1912 - Brush electric sign is lighted
1882 Brush lighting comes to Galveston, Texas.
1912 Galveston Electric sign - largest in America

1904 - The Four-Track News


An industry Advert for the newly formed General Electric Company which included the Brush US products as part of the Thompson Houston company which was based in Lynn MA.

The Thompson Houston Company as can be seen had already set up their Rugby UK plant under the name British Thomson-Houston Company (or BTH) which manufactured the GE products for UK markets.

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