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1980 onwards - News Magazines

Starting in the 1980's, Brush management supported the creation of a magazine/Newspaper which was produced in different forms and at irregular intervals over many years up to the present.  Produced by the Brush Marketing department and written by enthusiastic staff across all departments, it covered product and contract announcements, management changes, key company events and news from the families of the company employees.  Company history and links to the past were regularly featured.  With the many transitions during the American Energy bubble from 1999 to 2003 and the incorporation of the Holec/HMA (the Netherlands) and then the Skoda Electric Machinery (Czech Republic) sites into the Brush group, the "Brush News" became an important part of getting information into the hands of all staff and Brush's customers around the world.

There were various titles used over the years - these should be in date of issue order.  Not all issues are here - so if you have a missing issue, then please let the Webmaster know.

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