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Brush Automobile

If you have landed here, perhaps you are looking to find information or a connections between the Brush Electric companies and the USA based Brush Automobile product line which started production in 1907 and ended in 1913. 


Alanson Brush was a cousin of Charles Francis Brush but there seems to have been no direct business dealings or cooperation that have been recorded.  


The primary Brush automobile model was the Runabout, a light two passenger American automobile designed by American Alanson P. Brush in 1907. The first Brush built had a wooden chassis and a single cylinder 12 HP engine with chain drive and solid tires. The cost in 1907 was $780.00.  Different coach builders fitted a wide variety of bodies to turn the basic chassis into different commercial delivery vehicles - groceries, plumbing supplies, bread, liquer etc.   Alanson Brush went on to design the first Oakland Motor Car, the forerunner of Pontiac and helped design the original one-cylinder Cadillac engine, all notable American car marques. 

Here are just a few items on the Alanson Brush vehicle.

The Brush Electric company in UK did make vehicles for the military during World War 1 and subsequently for commercial use, and particularly public transport the details of this can be tracked down in the UK & Europe pages.

Alanson Brush went on to form the Cadillac Car company.  

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