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America 1921 - 1980

At a meeting of the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Board of Education held on
March 15, 1926, the following resolution was adopted.

“Be it Resolved by the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Board of Education that the new high school building to be erected be named and dedicated as the Charles F. Brush High School, thereby honoring a son of Euclid Township who is known nationally and internationally as one of the distinguished inventors and sciehtists of the world.”

To no other agency does the scientific and material progress of our time owe more than to the development of the practical use of electricity in its many applications. A pioneer in this development, in the fields of light and power was Mr. Charles Francis Brush, whose invention of. the Brush Arc Light and subsequent achievements in the electrical field were of immeasure able value in the world’s progress in the arts.

For these reasons it has seemed to your Board eminently fitting that the school be named the Charles F. Brush High School.

In thus perpetuating in the place of his birth, the name of a man whose success in pure science and mechanic arts has been due to seeking the truth in new and unknown fields with a tenacity of purpose and open mind, it was hoped to commend these qualities and stimulate to greater endeavor the young people who will pass in and out of these portals

Charles F. Brush High School - Cleveland
1927 Smithsonian Conference

Charles Brush (third row - left hand edge) at 1927 Smithsonian Institute conference where leaders were consulted on the future of this national instituition. 

Avon Power Station innauguration - Ohio

Charles Brush at 1926 ceremonial opening of AVON Power Station in Ohio - ready to turn the large wheel to start the stam flowi into the turbine.

1928 Elihu Thompson & Charles Brush

On March 10th 1980,100 years to the day, grandson of the Brush founder Charles Francis Brush III threw a switch to light one of Wabash's original lights as part of a celebration of the World's first city lit by electric lights.

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