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The first records of Brush supplying marine installations seems to be Dynamo and Arc Lights to the British Navy in 1885. A speech in Hansard the official UK Parliament records refers to the lights being extremely effective to dazzle enemy gunners during any shooting action.  Brush became a primary electrical systems supplier to both commercial and military ship builders.


Fast forward to the 1960's - Brush Projects department excelled at putting together diverse hardware from across the Brush and Hawker Siddeley product lines. Shown below are just a few of the vessels and oil & gas facilities where Brush was a major system supplier.

885 - HMS Invincible
Brush generators for new Cunard ship!
1885 - British Navy chooses Brush
HMS Invincible (launched in1869) was fitted with Brush lights in 1888
1977 - HMS Invincible was also equiped with Brush electrical equipment
Cunard - Queen Mary 2
Mobil Hibernia platform
RAMFORM Survey Ship - one of six supplied
Statfjord-A platform-Statoil
FPSO Schiehallion
4 x 3750KW 4 pole generators for Brotherhood Steam turbine drive.
LM2500 driven DAX generator for marine project
GE Ad for LM GT driven Cruise Ships: Over 20 ships had Brush generators.
Ocean Alliance semi-submersible drilling vessel
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