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EU Documents 1981 - 2010

Electric motors ratings increased to match the pump and compressors powers required by the worlds oil and petrochemical industries, and Brush made 10,000HP 3000rpm induction motors for a Dresser Rand compressor project, which were the largest in the world at that time.

Slow speed driven generators were being supplied to be driven by reciprocating engines and hydro electric turbines, and medium speed generators for geared gas and steam turbine drivers.  Brush salient pole generators were redesigned to address serious competition from overseas and all motor and generator products were extensively promoted in exhibits and conferences worlwide.  The Hawker Siddely group tagline "Power Worldwide" was used by Brush as a headline lead.

Another new opportunity arose for the 2 pole generator product when the oil and gas industry decided that a faster installation time and lighter assemblies would be an advantage on offshore production platforms and the industrial aero-engined power plant was developed.  Aero gas turbines had already been used to drive large compressors.  Each of the major aero-engine manufacturers (GE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce) competed for the new requirement.  Brush became a primary supplier to this type of package which was adapted for peaking power production and power generation applications wherever clean gas and liquid fuels were available.

Trip to the Royal Yacht Britania to collect Queen's Award
1989 HS News - Open Day and Thatcher letter
1989 Centenary - PM Thatcher letter01292

On the occasion of the 1989 Loughborough Centenary, Prime Minister Thatcher sent a letter of congratulation to the company and workforce.

LE Nov 1989 - 100 Yrs
1994 - 4000HP increased safety Motor for Dresser Rand
1988 Queens Award - Program
1989 Loughborough Echo article - Part TWO

1993 - After a bumper year supplying generators to the Stewart & Stevenson Aero Engine gas turbine factory in Houston, Brush served over 500 S&S staff with steak pie and chips, plus mushy peas, in the S&S plant "tear down shed".  A presentation and declaration was made marking many notable Firsts in the special relationship. Brush and S&S executive jointly manned the serving lines to assist in the successful hospitality event.

1993 Hospitality event for Stewart & Stevenson - Houston

At the end of the 1990's a very substantial uptick in sales of gas turbine driven generators occurred, principally in North America which history has called the "American Power Bubble".  Brush production of 2 pole generators was stepped up from the approx 60-80 units per annum to 150 unit and higher.  


In March 2000, FKI the new parent company of Brush responding to a significant uptick in large 2 pole generator orders for gas & steam turbine drive by purchasing both the Holec Machinery Apparatus company in The Netherlands and Skoda Electric Machinery (SEM) in Czech Republic.  FKI created a Rotating Machines Division which included their existing Laurence Scott and Marelli motors & generators companys.  RMD group products also included rolling roads and a wide range of electric motor and generator products and their controls. 

1995 Jan - Brush Trade mission to Japan.jpg
RMD Brush News 2000-a

Brush industrial motor manufacture was transferred to FKI company Laurence Scott & Electromotors in Norwich, UK.


Manufacture of slower speed generators for engine drive and hydro turbine drive were stopped, and high speed salient pole generator manufacture was concentrated into the HMA Netherlands plant.

Both HMA and SEM were re-organized to manufacture the Brush DAX design of 2 pole generators.  During one year over 220 2 pole generators were manufactured.

In January 1995 hosted by President of the UK's Board of Trade Sir Michael Heseltine, the Brush Group were prominent members of a UK Department of Trade & Industry Mission to Japan.

Then Managing Director Bill Petrie was interviewed regarding recent contracts secured from the region and expectations for many opportunities in the future.  At the time of the mission Brush representatives based in Singapore were visiting Japan regularly.  New contract awards were secured which supported opening a full time agency in Tokyo.

Large motors, frequency changers (for dockyard use), oil production platform electrical systems as well as large generators for turbine drive were supplied during the following years.

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