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Coach - Tram & Rail products

1878 Loco #3 Sir Haydn
London Underground electric loco
Cover - 1912 Catalog of BRUSH Electric S
1887 Hughes - Falcon Horse Tram
1920 Wallasey Brush Tram
Blackpool 1937 - Brush Car No. 630 at the National Tramway Museum, Crich, Derbyshire
Loco 749/1973
60098 at Didcot Avonmouth junction
Channel Train shuttle-loco

There are hundreds of items in the public space referencing the many different rail products made by Brush.  Starting with the Hughes horse pulled vehicles, Brush expanded to passenger buses, trams, subway engines and cars, steam and diesel then diesel electric and modern all electric locomotives. Here is just a snapshot.  Search the web for other great Brush rail products if this is your interest.


1893 - Guernsey Tram #6 delivered
1989-Brush secures Channel Tunnel Loco contract

Mention of three notable locomotive projects:

In 1891 the first street electric tramway with overhead electric supply in the British Isles was running on the island of Guernsey.  Falcon Coach Works, part of the original Brush Loughborough business, initially supplied the five trams. The line ran about three miles from Saint Peter Port, the principal town, along the coast to the port of Saint Sampson's

The 1000th locomotive built by Brush (60098) was a Type 60 diesel electric locomotive named Charles Francis Brush.


The Channel Tunnel which links England to France carries 1000's of tons of freight daily.  These trains are pulled by Brush freight locomotives, an all-electric design. The Brush Traction company is now owned by WABTEC Corporation (since 2011), which itself has a distinguished history dating back to the Westinghouse Air Brake product patented in 1868.

Since 2011 manufacture of Brush locomotives was owned by Wabtec a successor company to the Westinghouse Brake & Signal company dating from the beginning of the railway engineering industry in the late 1800's. The original Brush Traction locomotive works (part of the Brush Loughborough site) was still occupied by the traction business and remained in use for the rebuild, overhaul and repair of locomotives until 2021.  Wabtec closed the locomotive plant in Loughborough in 2021. 

Generations of past and recent Brush employees use their craftsmanship and enthusiasm to support the heritage Great Central Railway which operates daily commuter services between Leicester and Nottingham.  Restored steam locomotives pull excursion trains throughout the year.  

1885 Hughes - horse drawn carraige
1890 Early horse drawn double decker omnibus
1904 - motor driven bus
Wooden Falcon on roof of Loughborough plant
1989 - Brush Falcon "budgie" being refurbished at Crich Tram museum
Restored FALCON at Crich Tram Museum
1989 - B-Rail Class 89 Loco named Avocet by Prime Minister Thatcher
Aug1989 Brush secures Morocco Contract
London tram lines installation 1
London tram lines installation 2

First installation of Tram lines in London - around 1890 - notice the "conductor channel" in the center which provided electric power to the driver motors.

The loco 92-006 was built and delivered from Brush Traction in 1996.  It was taken out of service and stored by SNCF in France in 2006. 


Refurbished by WABTEC Brush Traction in 2019.  Watch the recent YouTube video of it back in service.  New paint job too.

Class 92 Project - Original build Staff group.jpg
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