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Charles Francis Brush III

Charles Francis Brush III was contacted by a Brush UK researcher in 1987 and at that time he was unaware that his grandfather's company was still active and making electrical machinery with a continuous line back to the 1879 formation of the Brush company in London, England.  Thereafter, until his death in 2006 Charlie took an active interest in the UK establishment, visiting the factory and interacting with employees at all levels.  He made a particular mark on the 1989 Centenary Open House, signing commemorative envelopes and taking pictures with a large number of visitors who packed the Loughborough UK site.


He tried a number of times to catch a glimpse in service of the 1000th railway engine built by Brush, a Class 60 locomotive named after his grandfather.  The Charles Francis Brush loco 60098 operated by English, Welsh & Scottish Railways was taken out of service in 2004, and subsequently scrapped.

Commemorative envelope with 
stamps for Brush 1889 Centenary.  
CFB3 signed
1989 Brush News article - 
Local News report
1989 Brush plant
Centenary visitor
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